AI-generated email newsletters

Generate newsletters for your customers, your internal research team, or for marketing purposes


Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate content

Our NLP technology scans over 15,000 pieces of content daily and generates summaries, bullet-point overviews, and content recommendations for any purpose.

Your customers and employees will have targeted research uniquely personalized to each of their day-to-day tasks. Your customers will have more relevant content and you'll build a deeper, more trusted relationship with them.


Triple your productivity with article summaries

Our AI algorithms and personalization technology scores every single sentence individually. We determine whether that sentence is relevant to you or your customers.

Save time by only reading the facts that matter; dig deeper by going to the original articles and sources.


How our technology helps your business...

Automated press clippings

Monitor 10,000+ reports per day; extract relevant deal details automatically. Discover risks as they're reported.

Track entities and deals

Go beyond keywords and alerts; look for themes and topics. Find new companies, leads, and critical developments.

AI-driven search and sentiment

Track sentiment around companies, people, and trends. Triage relevant facts to your analysts or our team.

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