AI-powered media and news monitoring

CIS monitors news, social media, and corporate reporting to discover risks that will impact your business


We build news solutions for business leaders and asset managers

The news cycle is always on. Critical information can be shared on social media at any time; it might be slyly hidden away in footnote in an annual report.

Our algorithms review content and find relevant facts for your assets, risks, and strategy.


How our technology helps your business...

Automated press clippings

Monitor 10,000+ reports per day; extract relevant deal details automatically. Discover risks as they're reported.

Track entities and deals

Go beyond keywords and alerts; look for themes and topics. Find new companies, leads, and critical developments.

AI-driven search and sentiment

Track sentiment around companies, people, and trends. Triage relevant facts to your analysts or our team.

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“We use CIS to monitor technology announcements and product launches. Thanks to the platform, we discovered an opportunity that's up 87% since we made the investment.”

- Public Equities Investor


Product Features

AI-Driven Analysis

A platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand news and other text-based information.

Media and Content

The platform extracts useful information and sends it to where it needs to go. We focus on news, filings, social media, or internal documents.

Real Time

Continually monitor news, influencers, and other sources to ensure you're continually kept up-to-date with developments.


Automate workflows and plug our findings directly into your operational systems. No staff retraining required.


“CIS provides me with the latest major developments in the pharmaceutical industry, helping me strategically reach out to my customers and generate new sales leads.”

- Leading Biotech CEO


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We crawl 10,000s of articles, reports, and mentions daily. Learn how we aggregate information to find what's relevant to you.
Curious to see some sample outputs? We run a daily climate investing tracker for ESG professionals, as well as a daily COVID-19 economics tracker.
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