Enterprise Use Cases

Custom News Workflows

The CIS platform aggregates content from newspapers, social media, internal documents, emails, and other sources. The platform is able to extract entities, observe trends, and generate forecasts. Automate your workflows so that new information from press releases, news, or other documents gets incorporated directly into your CRM, ERP, or other business systems.

Internal Search Engine

The CIS platform operates like a search engine. It can crawl public sources like news articles, and can also cite or reference internal documents, reports, PowerPoint decks, and other materials. This is an enterprise-grade search solution that enables your teams to collaborate more effectively while still maintaining enterprise confidentiality.

Document Automation

Automate data ingestion, integration, reporting, and prediction. The CIS platform’s ability to schedule tasks and automatically run and train models, combined with its microservices architecture, means models can be queried by your own marketing and sales teams whenever they'd like. This includes automating Word Documents, PowerPoint files, and other processes.

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