AI-Driven Analysis

CIS has built a platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand news and other text-based information.

Media and Content

We focus on analyzing news, annual reports, press releases, and social content. Our platform extracts useful information and sends it to where it needs to go.


The platform is continually monitoring news, influencers, and other sources to ensure you're continually kept up-to-date with developments.


We ensure workflows are automated and plug directly into your operational systems. This avoids tedious and manual work, and makes your team more efficient.

About Our Platform

Workflows and Content

We combine AI-driven content analysis and workflows to automate how your business and employees make decisions

We believe the nature of the news and media industry is changing. Content is critical to decisions throughout your workday, so why doesn't it connect directly with the tools you already use? We've designed and built a platform that enables exactly this sort of process; our solutions fit your workday and ensure you're always caught up and making the right decisions.

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